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Roman Fantasy Theme Wedding
Roman Fantasy Theme can be used in both Pre-wedding functions or for the main reception function. It is an entirely unique theme and requires a lot of creativity. The entrance to the venue and the backdrops need to be more elaborate with Roman paintings of colosseum, chariots and gladiators etc.Miniature landscaped gardens and fountains with a lot of lights should be incorporated.On the whole, a real grand and majestic look should be achieved.

Tribal Dance-Magic of the moment with a unique theme
Theme sangeet parties are a growing trend. Tribal theme being one of the most sought after.A peek at one such collection, where you can see the typical tribal colours like yellow, brown, green, maroon, aqua, white red, orange and of course black. The motifs are designed using zigzag lines, asymmetrical cuts and swirl forms. The pattern also includes patch work, hand painted t-shirts and cut worked jackets.

Medieval theme wedding
The decor can be elaborate with rich tapestry or a light fabric draped all around. The fabric can be wrapped around columns, banisters, on chairs as bows.

Tents can be made outdoors with lots of drapes.Dried flowers, baskets with ferns and greens, wild flowers can be used. A special entryway can be created with torches on both sides. Candles and soft light can be used to give a warm feel.

Jousting spears, heralding trumpets, shields, crystal balls can be kept at prominent positions as props.